About EvoKids

Welcome to EvoKids™

EvoKids is a bilingual preschool that believes in creative learning through play in an international multilingual environment for preschool and early primary children, 18 months to 8 years of age.

Our educators provide a long-term curriculum, making sure that the children reach the developmental milestones for their age and help them achieve their greatest potential to improve their language and mathematical skills in English and German, always through fun 🙂

With campuses in Zurich, Zug, Bad Ragaz and Baden, EvoKids was conceptualized to enrich what a pre-school can offer, investing in educators, alongside state-of-the-art equipment, and materials.

Our Mission

Our knowledge of Evolutionary Developmental Psychology and our love for children inspired us to build a school with its own curriculum, designed for a challenging program.

EvoKids is an international teaching method that utilizes the most effective components of learning.

While it’s true that children explore their environment through play, and learning these practical skills is vital at a young age; research also suggests that access to academic learning at this key developmental point in their lives that can truly help children to deepen their understanding of the world around them and learn through play.

The years from birth to age 8 are critical to the healthy, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth of children. It is in this time that their interaction with the world around them really impacts their development, love of learning, and social skills.

In accordance with its commitment to excellence in education, EvoKids™ limits the number of children per teacher to ensure that every learner gets the attention they need and deserve.
The EvoKids™ philosophy is centered around their values:

1) Each child’s personality is always respected, and teaching methods are adapted to the child’s individual needs.

2)EvoKids’ educators encourage the development of natural talents by focusing on areas of strength, instead of arbitrarily working on each skill for an equal set period.

3) Keeping in mind that no two children are the same, EvoKids fosters close relationships with both parents and the children to build a course in line with their personal circumstances and goals.

4) Through interacting with different religions, races, and cultures from an early age, kids can gain a deeper understanding of one another – along with an open mind and heart for people that see the world in a different way.

5) Small groups of 6 children with the benefit of personalized teaching.

Our Team - Zurich Campus

Mrs. Ellie Alexiou (Founder, Curriculum Leader)

Mrs. Ellie was born in Athens, Greece and she studied Mathematics. Even though she always intended to follow a career in education, post-graduation, she chose to follow an MBA course from which she graduated in 2008 with a distinction. It may seem an oxymoron, yet management skills turned out to be especially useful to a teacher!

Her interest in Education led her to London where, in September 2008, she qualified as a Teacher from the General Teaching Council for England and Wales (QTS No: 1030338). Mrs. Ellie is First Aid qualified for Babies, Children & adults. She taught at the Primary classes of "High Barnet Hellenic School" in London for one year whilst training as a teacher at the "Park View Academy" in Tottenham, London.

In September 2009 she moved back to Athens for a year and she taught kids 18 months to 6 years old at "My PlayCe" private school. In 2010, she moved to Zurich, Switzerland and started working at "Zurich International School", where she taught for two years.

In August 2012, she did the next stop in her career and she started leading Kinder Connection International School while her vision for creating her own school became a reality!

Mrs. Ellie is a PhD student in the field of Evolutionary Developmental Psychology. A field that inspired her to build her own school focusing on each child's emotional and academic development.

Mrs. Kiki Pagkou (Group Leader - Curriculum Supervisor, Learning Support)

Mrs. Kiki is a graduate of the department of Early Childhood Education at the University in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Her working experience as a teacher in few of the most recognised Kindergartens in Thessaloniki, stimulated her interest in Special Education as in her class there were pupils with additional support needs.

As a result, Mrs. Kiki furthered her knowledge on this field by participating in full year seminars and by working with children with Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit, Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism.

Ms. Angela – Stella Gargaretas (Teacher of German)

Angelina was born in Zurich, Switzerland. She holds the Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) and the Goethe-Institute certificate in German (C2). She studied German and English at the University of Zurich and wrote in her Bachelor thesis about the challenges of multilingualism at a psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic level. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in English literature and linguistics at the University of Zurich.

Mrs. Thalia Giagtzi (Teacher of English – Substitute teacher of Greek)

Thalia is a teacher of English with over ten years of experience in educating Preschool and Primary students. 

After completing her studies in English and Greek Language and Literature, she got her master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. 

Dedicated to providing quality instruction and fostering a positive learning environment with focus on pupils’ individual needs. 

Certified in teaching English in Early Childhood in bilingual environments.

 She believes in the importance of bilingual education through individual support and development.

Mrs. Maira Latta (Teacher of English - Certificate Preparation)

Maira showed from an early age an inclination towards reading and language learning so later, studying English Language and Literature with a specialization in Linguistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens was a one-way career path. Soon the passion of teaching was instilled in her, so she started pursuing becoming a successful English teacher. After 10 years of having taught more than 200 students in the prestigious private school of Kantas, in numerous language schools such as So Easy and in one to one private lessons, she moved to writing and presenting academic papers in National conferences throughout Greece on issues such as Group Dynamics in the school environment and projects on the European Language Day. 


Alongside, she continues teaching English to students no matter their age and competence level, preparing them for Cambridge, Michigan, TOEFL and IELTS exams. Later on, she moved on studying for her master’s degree in the Harokopio University of Athens where she completed her degree in Administration of Education and wrote her thesis on the Social Capital of Educators in schools of the 2nd District in Athens. 


In 2017 she moved in Zurich, Switzerland. There, she got her CELTA Cambridge certificate becoming a Cambridge accredited English teacher for both young and adult students while continuing teaching in one to one private lessons. After a while she got involved in one of the most prestigious motor sensory integration programs for children, the Australian KindyROO. She underwent extensive training on primitive reflexes inhibition and sensory integration for babies and toddlers specializing in designing and executing various activities such as tactile massage, exercises for strength, coordination, body awareness and balance, vestibular stimulation, large motor development, fine motor skills and musical cultivation.

Mrs. Athena Marinaki (Substitute Teacher of Greek Language, A1-B2)

Athena has studied Classical Philology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) and has specialized in Advanced Grammar and Punctuation. She has served as modern Greek language and modern Greek literature teacher. In her work experience she came across students that have learning disabilities and she has developed learning strategies that aid students to success. Athena speaks also the” Greek Sign Language.

Frau Lydia Bratou (Logopädin, Sonderpädagogin)

Lydia Bratou was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her mother tongues are German and Greek. Lydia studied the field of speech therapy in Greece. After two years of professional experience in Greece, she decided to come back to Switzerland, the place where she was born, to attend a master’s in special education.

Lydia happily became a member of EvoKids’ team in order to help children who learn or communicate in a different way, to maximize their language and communication skills, always respecting their special needs and the unique learning style of each one.